Don't belive everything you see. Advertising and advertisers.

Advertising, we are exposed to it all the time. When we read a magazine, advertising. When we take the bus, advertising onto the bus/bus cabin. But is the actual result as good as the brands want it to be?

A photographer rarely shows the raw photos that he or she took. And there is a good reason for that.
Now, airbrushing is regularly used in advertising. And most of us know that, but do we consider it?
We all have to remember that in marketing one of the main rules of success is "Making the customer think they need it". This goes for clothes, cosmetics and really anything you can advertise for.
The truth about advertising, i'ts made to sell products and it's usually edited and sometimes even fake.

This is a typical advertising photo. The models skin is being airbrushed and evened out. Her hair is made lighter and more shiny. Her lips has been fixed. Her eyes done more intense and her makeup is also edited.
They've also edited her facial features. 

These "perfect" people is selling us shit we don't really need just to realize the product isn't even that great in reality.
And here's another slimy trick, when the advertising is made the collection is not even made it self. There are professorial makeup artists that uses their competitors makeup. The reason brands get away with this is that they use a very light coverage of their own product.
Mascara brands also uses false lashes in most cases as well. Also, Photoshop is used in most cases.

Now I'm not all against it. But I do feel the fakeness only bring negativity, young people get's unrealistic expectations and yes, we don't get the product their advertising for.
And a reason why I'm not all against it, how are we supposed to know about new products if it didn't exist? I just consider this, commercials rarely tells the truth and there are professional advertisers that makes the adverts. So a general rule is try before you buy, check other things then just the commercial like other people you know or search the web for reviews. All exposure is advertising yes, but in blogs you get peoples honest opinion about things and pictures by the real effects of the product. And if there is a brand you especially enjoy like for example I love MAC it is probably safer than some brand you never regularly use because you know how most of the products quality are. But keep in mind, no brands are similar good at all their products, some are better some are worse. I rarely hear of MAC mascaras for example, but their foundations are all around the web. And LancĂ´me I know for myself their mascaras and eyeliners rock but that does not mean all of their products are that awesome.

For some of the tricks advertisers use I crossed along at the web:

Advertisers work after the AIDA Principe. This basically means:

Attention - To create attention around the product
Interest - To get people interested in the product
Desire - To create a desire for people to have the product
Action - To get people to buy the product
Methods in advertising,
Language: It is one of the most powerful tools. By adjusting the language to their target group it's easier to get their message forward. For example beauty adverts, they make it seem like the product is all you need to cover everything, remove zits, replace for example concealer or falsies, make you look like Eva Langoria! And often end their videos with "Cause you're worth it". 

Feelings: It plays on you'r emotions, it takes along problems that a lot of people have making it seem like having this product, they all are going to go away!

Fear: In advertising they make the perfect ideal world with perfect people. For example McDonalds commercials take along happy calm kids eating their little mini pack of carrots, happy teenagers with no zits or icky hair and big happy family's. Now they want people to think that by eating there, they are going to be like that to. Now how many of these do you really see in McDonalds, not a lot of them right?
They create the feeling of not being like everybody else. And by choosing them, everything will be fine!

There are a lot more, but they all come down to this. People in commercials are perfect usually, and we will be as well if we use their product.

Main sources;
Make sure to check this blogger out, it is one of my favorite blogs and she writes long good posts.

-Safe shopping, lots of love Kinkx

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