Article about Carine Roitfield in Costume

Thank you for all the support the days I did not blog. I'm over 10.000 views and in under one year! It is unbelievable to me and I am so grateful, hoping this year will bring just as much joy and even more time for my blog.

After my daily duties I set an hour to read my monthly magazine of COSTUME. It is the one fashion/trend magazine I really love. I love how they write and present their articles.
This edition it was an article about the amazing french style ICON Carine Roitfield! I have always known who she is, but since I don't really read any other beauty magazine I did not really know her.
I got my eyes up for her when I saw her front a MAC Beauty collection. It is still able to buy if I'm correct.S

And I absolutely adore her, she is a grandma, 58 years old and still rocking the marked black eyes, and pulling them of. I love the fact that she is that "old" and still don't have to change her makeup routine.
She is famous for her marked eyes and pale skin and pencil-skirt.
So this was some random thoughts from me about her, goodnight!

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