My little perfect world!

As most girls I can sit in hours on weheartit.com and create my own little perfect world.

All of the pictures are taken from google or weheartit.com

My Ipod is full of funny and adorable pictures like these, just to use them as background in a weeks time or to look at them in a waiting room being bored without anyone to talk to.
And music! Music is like therapy to me, I use it to be inspired! It can make me laugh, cry even get rid of my anger.
When music is played in my ears I create my own little perfect world.
Inside that world it doesn't exist anything like not being good enough, awkward moments, pain and rejection. Everything is always working out. Wouldn't it be wonderful if reality was like that also?

It is said that by really listening to a girls favorite songs and the songs she usually listen to, you can figure out a lot of how she thinks, her life and her feels. I mean it is true, at least for me. But I have about 2-300 different songs on my Ipod cause my music taste variate so much. ( I have spotify btw..)  Everything from grease to pretty reckless. So finding out my emotions you have to spend a lot of time on by trying that.
Probably I am not the only one doing this, some more unconscious then others of course. But most of us get a thought or two when we hear our favorite song(s).

The funny thing about being such a daydreamer like me, whenever you are bored it is just to dream and enjoy! Not everybody can do that you know.
Sitting with your Ipod at waiting rooms listening to music and looking at pictures laughing like a fool when a picture hits you and you just sit there laughing like an idiot. Everybody stares at you but you do not care.

Why don't we try to create this world? Why don't  we let other people have the joy of getting their bubble come true? Because, it doesn't get along with our own.

Lot's of love cupcakes!

Do you daydream?
Do you also like pages like weheartit.com?

This is my picture.

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