Kissable lips!

Ready for that big kiss?
In the winter season most lips are cracked from the cold, here's my recipe on my home made lip scrub.

Mix a little moisturizer that you use in you'r face on a daily basis.

 Then you mix in sugar, depending on how grained you want the scrub vary the amount.

 Mix it together well, the reason you put the moisturizer first is that it mix better then

 Mix in some honey or extra virgin olive oil. Be careful with the amount and not get it to watery.

Mix it until you've spread it, then add a drop of milk or whipped cream.

After you mixed things, go and get an empty container.
And then start to scrub you'r lips in circular motions.

Finish of with a lip balm and enjoy you'r lip scrub all winter!
You never know when it happens <3
-Lots of love, Kinkx <3

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