Keep getting stretch marks?

It bother so many womans all over world!
And it's not you'r fault that you have stretch marks. You can get it either you are thirteen or thirty. For example I have stretch marks, and I'm only fifteen! I have it on my foot/tie because I got way taller from seven to eight grade. The stretch marks is mainly genetic but moisture, age, puberty, growing/getting weight/pregnant, hormones and other factors also take a part.
Here's some quick tips on how to keep the stretch marks away and keep them invisible.

Make sure to use a good moisturizer based on you'r skin needs. Dryer skin has larger risk to get these.
Regular exercise is told to have a positive effect for preventing stretch marks!

You know stretch marks is the skin being dragged when it's not long enough. The red and white stripes are little scars!

You can always go laser or just ignore them.
Keep on moisturize them, don't let them keep stretching! They get about invisible (White) when they don't stretch anymore.

-Kinkx /The pictures are taken from google/

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