Isadora second nail coat

Hi, I've been filled up with home works and things to do. Saturday I watched the paranormal activity 4! Have you seen it? Well if you haven't, look forward to the end!
The makeup bag will come in some days, I have to finish an important presentation first.
Over to the headline. My nails is very weak, the crack and split a lot! They've never done that before so I purchased the "Isadora" second nail coat (606 second nail) a while ago.

It's a lot of good ingredients into it:

It has a milky color that hides yellowed nails.
You only need two coats and the nail is stronger, more glossy and smooth.
It dries in two minutes!
It's a perfect selection for the cupcakes that don't like colored nails
It take care of you'r natural nail
Price; (NOK) 89;

It flakes after one to two days
Without practice it can be difficult to get on
I would have preferred a bit better result..

All in all, it's a good polish and perfect for girls that's in the teenagers and can't afford makeup forever or OPI all the time!

Lots of love cupcakes
-Kinkx <3

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