If you have oily skin, don't use drying products or nothing at all, it won't help.

Now zits and acne are two different things:
Acne is a skin disease and no it doesn't just happen to teens. You have to use a moisturizer to your skin, it needs moisture. But a fat moisturizer will make the problem worse. To get rid of acne full time you should use full package, remember, the acne doesn't last forever as long as you treat it!

Cleanse, serum, day-cream, night-cream, peeling, masks and all that other jazz. All based to treat acne. I know it's a lot, but if you invest some time, money and energy into it the acne will chill down and you can slowly cut down on the products.

Remember, a zit on the forehead does not mean you have oily skin or struggle with acne, we all get zits sometimes!

A pH balanced product:
  • Our skin have a protective acid-mantle and it form a protective layer on the skin. The acid-mantle contain tallow glands and sweat. It excreted on the skin surface and is mixed with our normal-flora. It's slightly acidic and has a pH on 4,5 - 5,5. 
  • Also it makes the growth for bacteria's and virus worse.
  • It create a protection against certain substances (For example makeup or pollution).
  • If you wash your skin with regular soap or use cleansing water with alcohol in it the acid-mantle weakens! 
  • If the product isn't pH balanced the skin can feel tight and become dehydrated.

For night time, this is the products in order:
Clean your face and remove any dirt, makeup. (Cleansing water)
Eyecream first, use the ring finger cause it's the weakest finger.
Serum, it's lighter than a moisturizer and more concentrated
If you use, use your anti wrinkle cream
Hydrating serum
Moisturizer (Don't forget you'r neck!)
Finish with a lipbalm o vaseline to keep the lips nice, smooth and kissable! ;)

Remember, you can always remove or add products to this routine and if you want a professorial skin analyse check with your skin therapist!

Your body is a temple, treat it that way

These are my current tips for Oily/acne skin. I am doing my best at learning about skincare, but I am NO estetician! I am only recommending tips that works for me or that I am sure are valid sources like "Folkehelseinstituttet" etc. or esteticians and I have tried it out myself.
And I am not saying that this will 100% work for you and your skin type, I am educated in hair and self taught into makeup but skinwise I am not educated.

But all that said I am probably doing small skincare posts like sunscreen etc. but mostly based of dry/normal skin and reviews :)

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