I've got mail!

Just when I came home from school a package from makeupmekka had arrived, and I was so exited to check out the thing that I bought.
This was the first time I ever ordered something from the side, but I bought costume (I think it was?) once and with the magazine it came a brush (Blending brush 201). The brush was AMAZING so of course I had to check out the side, it's a budget friendly makeup web store. You can get for example a 32 (I checked the dollar exchange rate this afternoon) dollar brush to about 8-10 bucks! It's insane, well I can tell a bit more about the site later once.

 This is all the products, the brushes are full size, about the same size as the MAC ones.

This is the brand of the sets.

This is the highlighter, you can get it here

The products are tested by makeup artists and they also sell some ID minerals products and some few other brands really cheap (That's also tested).
I followed their site on facebook and they came up with this amazing news, they had a insane 3 dollar sale! I hurried to find the things that I liked and also checked out the "Makeup on sale" category. I found two sets, one BIG highlighter and one stippling brush! All for the price of 24 dollars.. !

This was one of the sets, you can get it here

This is the stippling brush, you can get it here

And here is the second set, you can get it here

PS! It's a norwegian site, BUT you can buy things from the site, just remember to use the translate so you don't miss what you read, remember to check the dollar price so you know what you'r paying, check costs of shipping and write a email to them so they can send it to you from Norway! :)

Happy shopping cupcake xoxo

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