You and I know how to be clean and wash our self in the right way, of course?
Not necessarily.
Do you know that even if your young you should clean your skin, one of the largest mistakes young girls do is that they wear a lot of makeup and don't clean the face good enough?

"It's very important to clean the face before night time because of the renewal process of the skin takes place at night and it shouldn't be disturbed" Says Anne Gabrielsen, product manager for skincare manufacturer MATIS to KK.no.

Morning and night is important:

If you put expensive products on uncleaned skin, it pretty much says it self that it don't get as deep in the skin as it could. Plus your pores get's clogged.
At night you should clean all dirt and dust throughout the day. If you use makeup you should cleanse the skin twice or use a good makeup remover. One to get away makeup and another to clean.

In the teenage years many girls has trouble with acne, blackheads or just plain out oily skin. It get's even more important to keep the right moisture in, and not using drying products.

Anne Gabrielsen keep on saying, "Also, a lot of girls use cheap makeup." I don't say all cheap makeup is bad, but a lot of it clogs pores. Be careful with what makeup you use.


Using one product is enough:

Sadly, wrong. If you have normal skin with no particular problem then yes, you can maintain good skin with 1-2 products. For all the rest of us, we have to stick in and take more care of our skin.

Do you know your hairtype?

For sensitive or dry skin moisture is omega. Always make sure you use products that is made for your skin. If you use products for oily skin you may make your problem even worse. For products made specific for oily skin they are designed to make the skin less shiny and greasy.

Use a moisturizing mask, a good moisturizer, cleanser and wash your face with cold water.
Warm water dries out the skin.

And make sure to use a moisturizing eyecream (make sure to take some under your nose wing if you have the same problem as me with dry nose) and use sunscreen all year to protect from wrinkles (Thinner drier skin has a higher risk of wrinkles).

And very important, don't use salt in your home made scrub, oatmeal works fine!

Make sure to use a lipconditioner at all times, if they're cracked in autumn times use vaseline (My friend uses that and trust me it works) and use soap only when needed.


These are my current tips for dry/sensitive skin. I am doing my best at learning about skincare, but I am NO estetician! I am only recommending tips that works for me or that I am sure are valid sources like "Folkehelseinstituttet" etc. or esteticians and I have tried it out myself.
And I am not saying that this will 100% work for you and your skin type, I am educated in hair and self taught into makeup but skinwise I am not educated.

But all that said I am probably doing small skincare posts like sunscreen etc. but mostly based of dry/normal skin and reviews :)

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