My current perfume collection, day 3 and a little idea on how to improve studies..

Day three: You'r perfumes

This is all of them
Hippy fizz - CheapandChic MOSCHINO
Harajuk J
♥LoversBritney Spears - Curious
Kylie Minouge - Darling
Björn Borg - Love all
Lancôme - Midnight rose

All of the photos are taken by me (Elise B. Olsen)

All I have been doing today is study, study, and more studying. More and more wishing homeworks didn't exist. I wish that they had a tape we could hear on when we where asleep, not having to have homework's  we just learned it! I would buy that.

Milk and homeworks...

No makeup today, didn't have any time... :P

Byeeee cupcakes xoxo !


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