How to be your own style!

Have you ever really wanted to try out some new clothes, change your makeup routine or try another hair colour? Well I know most girls have. But they are to scared to the difference and what people are going to say. This post is going to help you to might get you the confidence you need, because it is really that simple and might help you on the way to find yourself!

How you should change style 

if you are going from for example a perfect ballerina girl to a hardcore gother and you're quite shy this is a little tips for you. Want to change complete style? Do it gradually. You will get a lot more reactions if you change over night. And of course if that style was not you and you want to change it, you might not end up with blond hair or a green head and desperate to take the old back.
But if you're bold, just go for it!
Think about what do you like. Watch a lots of pictures and see what style that appeal to exactly YOU. Maybe you aren't a fan of all the elements of the style, but include some here and some there.

If you're dyeing or cutting your hair, 

I want to recommend you to do it in a serious salon. And blond for example is the colour that's worst for your hair because you are using bleach. With darker colours, you are basically just adding more colour pigments. But in blonde and white hair dye, you are taking them all out. I am not trying to get anyone from dyeing their hair, just do it professional.

And if you just want to change style and makeup. Just do it!
Makeup, just to remove with a cotton pad and makeup remover. And clothes can always change back, but remember, don't expect dream results after one day of shopping. Changing the closet is both expensive and time-consuming.

So today's advise, be yourself, no matter what. And if you want to change to something more you. do it, just gradually, so you don't change your mind in the middle of the dyeing!

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