Ringmaster clown burton style makeup tutorial II Halloween 2016

Halloween is coming around, and of course I had to do something Burton inspired. I want a good mix of scary and less scary tutorials, so you have a lot to choose from at halloween. I've actually already done this look before, at last halloween, but I didn't film it because it was too dark out. But I did absolutely love it and I knew I wanted to show you this, and I've saved it until this year. What is so fun about re-creating a look I did a year ago is that I can so clearly see improvement and how my art style has changed during a year. This look is inspired by Tim Burton, Michael Hussar and vintage candy shops. The style is clearly burtonesque, but the nose shading, lip shading and cheek shading is inspired by Hussars painting style. And I can reveal that later this October I'm doing a more directly Hussar inspired look, but I need to finish sketching it out first. 

Products used
White body paint 
Black bodypaint from Kryolan
Naked 2 basics palette (Crave, Faint)
Urban Decay face primer 
Kryolan dermaflage concealer (this is what I had at hand, but use whatever you have available)
Sugarpill "Tako"
Sugarpill "Buttercupcake"
Sugarpill "Flamepoint"
Sugarpill "Dollipop"
Sugarpill "Poison Plum"
Sugarpill "Velocity" 
Sugarpill "Bulletproof"
Sugarpill "Acidberry"
Sugarpill "Love plus"
Kat von D tatto liner in black
MAC Lipstick Arianda grande viva glam collection (any dark plum lipstick will do) (MAC lipliner in currant is a good dupe for the color) 
Eldora false lashes "D162"
Estée Lauder waterproof black mascara 
Powder any cream makeup if you're wearing this for a while


  1. Ooh, for en rå look! Du er veldig dyktig.
    Ble veldig inspirert til halloween ^^