Gouged eye SFX tutorial II Halloween tutorials 2016

We're nearing halloween and I've been filming and sketching for you guys all summer, so get ready for one crazy month. The videos will be uploaded either Wednesday or Friday and will be a mix of body paints and prosthetics. This look was inspired by the gouged out eye that goes around Pinterest every year in October, so I wanted to do my little twist on it. 

The process is simplified so that most people can get a good result without much skill. As you can tell I didn't want a super neat application, this is because most people won't know how to properly apply prosthetics, and it shows how to blend in any errors so that it looks believable on a party, as a cosplay or wherever you want to wear this look. 

Products used
For prosthetics:
Nose wax from Ben Nye
Plastic wrap
Ben Nye grease paint wheel in "master fx bruise"
Kryolan sealer
PS Composites bald cap plastic (can be replaced with glaztan, liquid latex and other similar alternatives)
Ben Nye powder in fair

For appliance:
NARS Sheer Glow foundation 1.
Ben nye powder
Makeupstore brow pencil nr 1
Prosthetic glue (Pro-key neils materials, pros-aide, etc.)
Eyebrow block or glue down (with a standard glue stick) your eyebrows to protect them
Pros-aide cream (Can also use liquid latex and bondo), smear it out with a q-tip
Bloody marvelous dark gel blood

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