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Faro is one of those not quite discovered cities in Portugal that still isn't overwhelmed with tourists during high-season. And we chose our trip there this year because some my fathers girlfriends family lives down here, so it's very nice getting to know them.  The only downside in Faro is that many of the natives doesn't speak a lot of english, so you need to be a bit patient when ordering food and getting around with taxies and stuff. But plus side they're really friendly. It's not really a problem because you usually get your point across, but it can be inconvenient. 

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If you're looking for the real portuguese experience, you should eat dinner at 1pm, as the natives eat out at that time and simply has bread, cheese and wine at nighttime. This will give you the freshest food and the cheapest prices. And be sure to try the grilled fish, as they make some of the most amazing fish dishes in the world. As for dining at night, we had tapas at Bar 62. Incredible place, well made food and a huge selection of exiting drinks. If you're a traditionalist, order the quiches. If you like raw fish, order the Norway tapas, it's fantastic. And if you're a real sweet tooth, order granny with the goat cheese, walnut and honey. 
And if you're looking for great sushi, be sure to swing by 7imeo winebar and order their hot rolls, the salmon and avocado and spicy shrimp, you will not regret it. Spoken from somebody who previously hated sushi.  

What to shop
In Portugal, shoes and purses are definitely something you need to pick up in Portugal. Great quality products at a reasonable price point. I've scoured some shops and looked at different products, and if you do use leather the shoes and purses has very high quality leather and good handwork in the sewing, so you know it'll last you for some time. Keep in mind if you're going for shopping that in Faro during the summer they have a lot of festivals and markeds, so be sure to swing by those to pick up some spicy jewelry that can dress up a basic outfit and make you stand out. 

Other to-shop products are different spices and if you can, bring some olive oil and wine with you as well on your way home to make the memories of the trip and tastes last you a while after your arrival home.

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