How long can we boycott a brand?

At this years IMATS London I was presented with a unexpected moral dilemma, how long can or should I boycott a brand? Or even more important, can I use these products on my social media accounts? Because even if you're very small in this very big social media world, your drop does fill in the big ocean. 

I ended up buying several products from this specific brand. I am sure if you do follow on the beauty community, you know I am talking about Limecrime. No need for me to rip up the allegations, you can google that if you don't know what I'm talking about. I purchased the products because they're quite a unique brand to a reasonable price point, and also because I personally didn't have any bad experiences with the brand. And it's been over a year, they were banned last year, but another supplier took their collection in their warmth this year. Isn't this a low-key way to say, "Hey, we've cleaned up our mess!"?

The recent drama between Jeffree Star and Kat von D has lightened up a fire in this discussion again. It's important to remember that both of these are celebrities with controversial pasts, and that if you do choose to stay uninformed about this conflict, they're still people who are perfect examples of this dilemma. There is no denying Kat and Jeffree makes some of the best products on the marked, and that they are loved by millions. These products supplies workplaces, they're vegan and cruelty free, and it's not the brand itself whom has messed up. Should you punish the brand for the owners actions? 

I clearly choose to stop my boycott, but I was still torn, can I show these Limecrime products off? Isn't life about second chances? But will I then support un-honesty and bad costumer service, by using and thereby promoting their products?

My conclusion is, that as far as my research goes the particular brand I wrote this originally for has cleaned up their mess and a lot of the fuzz ended up being a lot for nothing. So I am going to sport Limecrime in my makeup looks and other makeup related posts since I do love the products. But we should all remember to take our own standpoints and do our own research, because there are a lot of shade in the makeup industry, and the products you use supports whatever crap the company has going on. 


  1. I try not to support brands that I consider problematic. Lime Crime, Kylie Lip Kits, Jeffree Star etc. It's my personal preference not to support those who consistently show problematic behaviour. Even before the breach happened, Lime Crime did a lot of bad things too long for me to explain. It's really just gaining all the information, and making an informed decision.

    That's just my stance on it, I guess.

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. It's great that you take that standpoint, which was my intention with this post, to think about why you do/don't buy a brand to make a more ethical choice for you :) I won't be buying any Jeffree star due to his consistent bullying and racist behavior, but Kat and Limecrime seems to have gotten their problems sorted, so I think it's for me personally okay to use them, but I completely understand the people who choose to take a distance! :)