Hello Portugal!

Warm beaches, cold drinks, sand in your hair and the smell of seawater. 

I've just arrived in Portugal, and I can't wait too taste the seafood they're so known for and to relax for a couple of weeks. And for once I've refused to pack any particular makeup, besides what I'm wearing. I'll be heading on my bachelor at Westerdals in makeup and special effects this fall, so I am taking a makeup break where my creative outlet will be pencils and paper. Period. (no pun intended). As to where we're staying, we booked a house in a very small town around locals to meet my fathers girlfriends family. They pretty much live in Faro all year. (I know, I'm a little bit jealous too).

Speaking of the house, blogposts these next 14 days may be a bit unstable, because the wifi goes and comes like a wild animal. Or better said, it's the lock ness monster. Everybody knows it's there, but we only get very rare glimpses of it. And also after a extremely busy year, my plan is to relax by the beach and poolside, reading my Jojo Moyes novel and drinking Portuguese wine. A complete break from responsibilities. See you Sunday for a new update, and travel inspired makeup tips! 

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