Wolf scratch wound SFX makeup tutorial video

Hello! It was about time to upload some gore again! In this video I've used sculpt gel which is quite a expensive material, but you can switch over to wax and liquid latex for the same effect. You use sculpt gel by mixing equal parts of A and B together, be sure not to cross-contaminate the jars! 

Products used

Barry M Red eye kohl
Kryolan artex (sculpt gel)
Skin illustrator FX palette (can be traded with ben nye master fx bruise wheel, which has the same colors in grease paint for a cheaper option)
Skin illustrator original palette (Can be changed with water and food coloring) 
Ben Nye translucent powder and baby powder
Bloody Marvelous thick dark fake blood
Kryolan FX liquid dark aged blood

Sorry for the bad screenshots, I forgot to take pictures, I was in a hurry!