#TheQueen wrote a book

When THE Tyler Oakley writes a book, and a book this fabulous, you know you have to read it! As the vain reader I am, just the cover is enough to draw me in, fun bright colors with a nice white bridge to balance it out and lots of shine, gorge! 

Tyler Oakley is one of youtbe's most watched vloggers, with over 8 million subscribers. An important voice for the LGBT community and has raised thousands of dollars for charity. With his unique quirky slightly feminine act, he brings his style into his videos, whether that's a heart to heart video, a collab or a simple Q&A, he's a real entertainer.  

This book provides steamy, heartbreaking and enlightened essays about Tyler and his life. A very well written book that will keep you on your edge, as he's portraying everyday situations with a pen so sharp that you feel like you're there with the same adrenalin, but with dramatic movie music in the background. The book is broken up in separate sections, so you can go through years of his life in one chapter and then the next you're on scratch again, as he attacks each topic separate. If any of you read "All I know now", this is the same concept, but where Carrie Hope Fletcher was inspiring and teaching life lessons to her readers, Tyler exposes himself completely to the reader, with no obvious lesson to be learned in every chapter. These books are both great, but in different ways. In "Binge" you get to know the authors in and outs without any filter.

Do I think you need to have watched Tyler Oakley's youtube channel to be able to read the book?Absolutely not. Does reading it in his voice and manner make it even more hilarious, absolutely. Oakley killed, no, slayed this book. 


  1. After your excitement I probably should get a copy myself!

  2. Love Binge! Have you seen snervous? thats brill too! xoxo