Kat Von D tattoo liner "Trooper" wear-test

I've been on the hunt for a good liquid eyeliner, so when I got my hands on a travel size Kat Von D black liquid liner I had to test it out, and hopefully buy the full size later. This liner claims to be waterproof, last all day, easy to apply and a ultra pigmented formula.

The tip on this is very sharp, and reminds me of a pen. The thin brush makes it easy to create very thin lines and gives you maximum control of your eyeliner. This not only make it ideal for those days where you're in a hurry, but also makes it very beginner friendly. And it's definitely very pigmented, but it does dry out quite fast which makes it hard to apply sometimes. And it's not waterproof at all, I wore this and it rained one day, my wings were vanished. On the other hand, it has quite a long wear time, it's quite smudge proof, but you do need to apply primer and some powder beneath it to make it last. 

Now over the wear test, this is how it looks once applied.

After six hours 

All in all I think it's one of the better liquid liners, and it does have some staying power. But no liquid liner has beaten a creme liner formula as far as I know yet. 


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  1. Takk for vurderingen - da vet jeg det om jeg skulle komme over den, hehe :D