February Favorites

It's a new month and that means wrapping up the favorites for February, who flew by. It's weird how one less day in a month makes it seem so small, but really there is 24 hours less then most other months. 

Kjære by Linnéa Myhre 
If you don't know how to read norwegian you won't be able to read this book (Which is why I haven't done a review of it) but this is the sequel to Myhres first book "Evig søndag" where the writer describes her thoughts, observations and life as an anorectic. Myhre is a former Norwegian blogger, now transformed into a writer. 
I must admit, I didn't enjoy the first book that much, since it didn't describe much in depth and the content seemed superficial. But I had heard people rave about this book and it has received quite a lot of stars on goodreads, so I decided to give the sequel a shot.
The second book is very well written, witty and propped with dark humor. The book is structured with a series of letters to different people including a tex-mex brand, her psychiatrist, her mother, her friends, her bird and many more. In these letters she portrays her anxiety, mental issues, social issues and how anorexia has followed her. You get a sense on how she thinks and it's format reminds me a of a blog post. A fresh breath in literature and it's short length made this an easy read and I finished it in a day. 

Bones on Netflix
I've binged watched this whenever I could, I live by myself so when I eat, sculpted or cleaned this show was on in the background at all times. I haven't been watching that much netflix until the last week as I've handed in my special topic for this year, but until tomorrow I'm on winters break. *SPOILER ALERT SEASON 3* I absolutely hated the fact that Zack was the new apprentice, but it did make a lot of sense. He was so cold and calculating, the same mindset sociopaths is portrayed in TV shows. Plus it didn't make any sense that it would have been Hodgins, first of it would have been too easy since he's a paranoid conspiracy-er. And second, in a previous episode him and Dr. Brennan is buried alive, if he was capable of murder, he'd kill Brennan already then and got himself more hours to live. In some twisted way, I wished Zack didn't get caught just yet and have a longer dialog about why he did it. I swear the show "Dexter" has absolutely fucked up my mind. 

Sí Giorgio Armani
A gorgeous deep elegant scent, I wrote a post about it earlier. I've been wearing this religiously this last month and have really fallen in love with the smell. I was quite lucky and got a discontinued gift set with the full size perfume and a decent sized scented bodylotion, so I was lucky as the price is quite steep. 

Meghan Trainor
An artist I haven't listened to very much in the past, I recently re-discovered after "All about that bass", when I heard her song "love you like I'm gonna lose you"  ft. John Legend. It's completely in my aisle who loves the genre soul. I must admit I preferred it with a Lana Del Rey like voice on the Norwegian version of Idol, but it's such gorgeous lyrics I don't really care who wrote it. 

MAC Cremebase "Luna"
I know summer is the regular time for a dewy finish, but with the glowing trend that's been going on I've packed on my creambase extra this month and added it even when I've done the lightest of makeup. Only combined with foundation, brows and mascara and it has even then given my face that little extra. What I love about this is the product doesn't look powdery at all and gives of a wet look when applied with your hands. I add this together with my NARS Sheer glow foundation and my face looks healthy and gorgeous! 

What are your favorites this month? 


  1. I love the smell of Si by Giorgio Armani, it's definitely on my perfumes wish list! I've also been loving the MAC cream colour bases too, they're so versatile to use.

    The Modern Audrey

    1. Yes, this is best as a highlighter though, because of the color! xx

  2. I really want to watch Bones now, I'm always looking for new tv shows to watch! Lovely post :) x

    Kathy xx

    1. It's a great show if you're into crime, but it is one of the most grotesque crime shows though, so you need a tough stomach! xx