Advice on creating without fear

Every artist goes through that stage of hating their own work. This is a very important capability to have, because it's what pushes us forward and seeing the faults in our work and improving it. But it's also the capability that makes us scared to fail, dissatisfied and constrain our work.  

Recognize your fear. In the end, creating art is a way of being validated. We want to be good enough and creative enough. But the keyword in this is we. Every artist face this fear with every single artwork, so you're not alone, and your biggest idols are also just as scared as you. But the difference between the locked artist and the successful artist, they recognize their fear, and deal with it. Doing something regardless and putting it out there is the way to deal with your fear. 

Someone will always hate you regardless. On the contrary to the point below, even though nobody cares in the end, there will always be a person who dislikes the fact that you're sticking out, the fact that you do something better then them or that they simply have decided not to like you. You can't please everyone. Fuck them, and do your own thing. When you're successful the people who were "embarrassed", will come crawling back. Use this motivation and the frustration of hate, and transform it into something great, and use this to improve yourself.

Breath. Take a breath and relax. So what if your work is shit, in the end nobody really cares. And the general public is often very impressed with the most amateurish work. So don't worry, it doesn't really matter, and you can just toss it or wipe it of out if you don't like it. You got the practice and that's what matters. 

Discover different styles. Try an artstyle you've never tried before, fear of creating can often lead to artblock, so keep your skills intact and don't get pushed into a routine. Maybe you even discover some tricks to use in your personal style. 

Walk around with a notebook. Our brains will often stop ideas flowing if it's stressed. If you can't come up with an idea, then unconsciously you'll stress about the fact that nothing comes up. And when you relax, there is a good chance a good one will come up when you least expect it. The famous J.K. Rowling said her idea for Harry Potter came to her whilst the was on a crowded train.

There is a beauty to the process of creating, and how boring would it be if we were all great from the start?


  1. I want to say thank because this post speaks to me! I'm a freelance artist
    and I see a lot of me from this post. Lets both enjoy our road of progress, smile c:
    and stay positive! Xx Ice Pandora

    1. I'm glad you found this helpful, it makes me happy to hear that, and yes, lets do that! Have a good day! xx