Third degree melting face burn FX video tutorial

I am finally on board with SFX again, this is the prosthetic piece I sculpted last week, and as I was making the gelatin piece I realized that I could use this for a number of different looks. And this week it ended up being a melted third degree face burn, which doesn't require the prosthetic to get a similar look. I want to make a separate video for the prosthetic after figuring at least three looks to use it with. But I found that out after I had sculpted it and molded it that I wanted to make a video tutorial on how I made it. Anyways, am happy with this look, I only would have wanted it to be more defined and with a better lens, but it's so expensive I had to compromise. I'll be creating it on a model on Sunday to put on my webpage.

Products SFX
Gelatin (ask for recipe)
Ben Nye Severe exposure creme wheel (Peach, prime red, wine color)
Ben Nye master FX bruise wheel (Yellow)
Hot water to blend edges
Ben Nye translucent powder in "fair"
Stiff raggedy cut brush, cut of a hard blending brush with real hair
Mesh lens

Inglot concealer
Nars sheer glow foundation
Ben Nye translucent powder "Fair"
Lancome hypnose mascara 

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