My current skincare regime

One of the last pictures in the snow (I promise!), but this has been my skincare regime lately. I was in Åre with my dad and our family, and we used the saunas. You could buy different treatments there to take care of your skin, and I picked up this series from Picaut. The full sized products are quite expensive, so I don't think I'll be investing in all of these, but this is my opinion on the products.

Moisturizing cleanser
A good cleanser that leaves the skin fresh and soft, I always use makeup remover before I apply cleanser so I haven't seen how good it removes makeup, but it really breaks down grease and makes the skin ready for further care. 

Exfoliating peel mask
This is one of two gems in my opinions, with very fine grains you wouldn't believe it removes dead skin cells, but think again. The sea salt in this works in depth and does wonders on dry skin, the jojoba oil takes care of the skin.  

Precious oil
If you're familiar with hair oil, putting oil on your face shouldn't surprise you that much. This is basically moroccanoil for your face. It smoothens your face, helps build a natural protecting layer and takes care of any dry patches. I've found this working best after exfoliating your face. 

A good moisturizer that leaves your face refreshened and gives you a real luxury feel, it keeps the face smooth for days. A great gift for someone, and if you have some extra pennys to spare, definitely a good buy, but it isn't revolutionary and I've found cheaper moisturizers almost as good. So no need to break the budget over this. 

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