I've been kissed by New York

One of the less talked about lipsticks from MAC cosmetics, New York Apple, but definitely one of the good ones. A classic red that will look incredible with dark hair, and warmer skin tones. I love to mix red lipstick with a classic winged eyeliner, defined brows and a cold contour.

The shade is a metallic finish and is applied very smooth on the lips, the shade is a muted red with pink shimmer. It can dry out the lips a bit, so make sure to scrub them well before using this. It's build-able and light, and even though it's red this is a very wearable color 
(with a bit less bright hair then I have). The contrast in the green and the red does make this shade quite bold on me. 

Now how has this Monday treated you? I'm quite tired after getting into school after winters break, lucky it's only three weeks until easter break.. Well, I'll just psyke myself up for the little time I have left in this subject and I'll be headed for college next fall. And lucky for me I got the ultimate recipe, coffee and chocolate, lots of it <3