26 facts about me

It's been some time since I wrote about my self in here, and even though I am probably not that interesting, I figured it might be fun for my new followers and old followers to know a bit of weird random fun facts about the person behind this crazyness! 

  1. I love stand up comedy, and have very much self irony, so I love the jokes that "hit" me, like the stereotypical Norwegians and teenage girls
  2. I am quite untidy, but I've learned to keep a clean area when I work
  3. I am a coffee addict, I need my share of coffee everyday and if it has milk in it I can actually forget to eat until 3 hours later, but then the hunger hits me like a shock. 
  4. Bringing onto my next fact, I have very high metabolism, so I stay thin very easily, but then again, my small tummy needs food about every hour to stay awake and focused
  5. And I get extremely hangry, I can be a real bitch if I haven't eaten or I simply fall asleep, therefore I always have some food laying around no matter what I do. I've actually nearly fainted several times because I haven't eaten anything for a couple of hours since my body uses much more energy on small tasks. 
  6. I am a very anxious person, and I can stress a lot over what I could have changed.
  7. I am a perfectionist, and I have never been completely satisfied with my work for more then two seconds. It's a blessing cause I am constantly evolving, but it's a pain because I have this voice in my head telling me that it's not good enough. 
  8. I hate being yelled at because I am very conscious about loud noises, and I can even tear up even if I am not sad due to the loud noise. 
  9. I am a very un-angry person, I usually vent out, but I don't really let things get to me that much. People who are mean on the other hand can really piss me of, but lately I've started to feel more sorry for mean people then mad. 
  10. I talk a lot, like, a lot. 
  11. I don't talk in my videos cause I am self conscious about my voice and english accent
  12. I am deadly allergic to any kind of nut or almond (But I can be in the same room as it, as long as it doesn't get in my mouth)
  13. I am very forgetful so I like to write things down
  14. I love making lists
  15. I hate working out, but I love to dance out in clubs
  16. I dress for comfort, not for style
  17. I love having green hair, absolutely dread being stared at
  18. I really want a lot of dogs and guinea pigs, but I can't get one because I also want to be able to travel, one day though! 
  19. I have migrene 
  20. I used to wear braces for three years
  21. I am really bad at replying to messages
  22. I am a very honest person, to the point that I don't really have much of a filter about myself and clearly I am not a very mysterious person.
  23. On the other hand, I am good at keeping secrets if I have to.
  24. I really want to be able to beatbox.
  25. I grew up with pretty much only boys besides my three childhood girlfriends, so besides my chatty-ness that I got from my mum (I do love being able to talk for hours though), I get a very stereotypical "male" attitude towards life, and I was nourished with Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Zelda because there were two of my step brothers and one of me, and I also wanted to be cool like them, haha.
  26. I decided to become a makeup artist at 12 years old, but I've always wanted to create for my living.
  27. I grew up fishing and cooking from a young age, so the process of life and where the meat in the store come from isn't really repulsing to me, it's just nature.

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