How to use the skin illustrator original palette

The skin illustrator palettes is one of the best alcohol activated paint brands out there, I will say.They're very pigmented, long lasting and applies like a dream. But there is some differences between the look and appliance then grease paint and water based paint. 

Alcohol activated paints applies in washes, and if you slap on too thick then it will just flake of. If you're looking for a very strong color then spray alcohol with a bottle into the pans and twist it to work in some color and pick up a lot of pigment. And if you want a wash of color to build up the look of skin, a tattoo or around a wound, make sure to fill the pan with alcohol and test the intensity on the plastic lid (In this way you can use it again).  

If you have a problem with the alcohol activated paint sticking to gelatin, you can cover the area with pros-aide over kryolan fixier spray so the pros-aide doesn't eat up the edges. 

To create a gradual realistic skin tone use a splatter tool, you can either use a brush designed for this or you can use a tooth brush with the same result. Start by adding in the undertone of the skin, veins and any tint to the skin. And then add in the general skin tone and lastly add in age spots, freckles and add in any unevenness to the skin. 

I've found the skin illustrator palettes to be the best for a strong color, and working the best for set work. I do also have the European body art paints, which works the best for coloring in prosthetics and masks, It's a lot harder to get pigments out of it, so it needs a lot of re-spraying and loading of the brush which consumes a lot more time. But it gives a lot more control over your prosthetics. I hope you find this helpful and ask if you have any more questions about this palette. 


  1. So jealous you got the skin illustrator palette! I'm so jealous, they are amazing! I've been wanting to buy one myself but they are sooo expensive and unavailable where I'm from. Ughh

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

    1. They are truly amazing, but it's also essential in prosthetics making, won't get very far without alcohol activated makeup so that is why I have them xx