Childhood memories

As I am entering adulthood, I find myself enjoying to look at my childhood pictures, and I thought I would let you see some of the pictures from me as a child to get to know me better, along with a story.

A driven young girl...

A story I was later retold I love from my childhood because it reminds me of how I am today, distant, driven and very independent. It was a cold winter day when I was around three to four years old. My uncle was watching me for my dad, and I had a cousins to play with. Keep in mind that my parents are separated and lived in houses around two kilometres apart. My uncle sat down and watched a game on television and I figured I wanted my doll (Or something like that..).
Therefore, naturally, I walked with no winter clothes up to my mums house, alone. And did I tell my uncle? Of course not. It ended with my mother calling my father and asking how the heck I ended up alone, to look for a doll, with no outside clothes in 10C-.
It was scary for my parents of course at the time, but now we laugh about it and see how it proves that I from a young age knew what I wanted and I didn't let anything stop me, hehe!

I hope you liked this insight in my life, and that this Sunday has treated you well!

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