How to use liquid latex

Liquid latex is one of those all-rounders every beginner goes through and professionals use from time to time. There are multiple choices with using this products, but I'll tell you about the 5 basic techniques here.

Creating wounds
Liquid latex can be great for a beginner to create wounds with, this will give a paper thin edge that is perfect for slit looks and can give very realistic results. I used it in my stitched hand makeup where I applied the latex around my thumb, waited for it to dry, cut up the latex, colored in and filled with blood and lastly sewed it together.

Building up wounds
I am more fan of the wax, but you can also use liquid latex for more built up wounds. Do this by stippling a layer of latex and apply tissue paper, coat with latex and repeat until you are happy, you can also somewhat mold the latex/tissue mix as well.

Prosthetic pieces
I actually used latex in a low budget movie and it worked great, I used the technique by Goldiestarling on youtube. Create your effect in clay, stipple layers of latex until you're happy with the results, do this by applying small layers in the edges and more layers towards the middle.

Setting wax or other products
This is usually what I use liquid latex for. You can create whatever shape or form you want and when you're done to prevent it from breaking. Make sure you get enough layers to secure it as best you can.

Creating wrinkles
This is my new favorite technique, and it's so easy. To make wrinkles, just pull the skin you want the wrinkles to be. For example next to the outer corner of the eyes, make a peace sign with your fingers and strech it out, the tighter you hold it the more prominent wrinkles. Apply latex, let it dry, consider how many layers you need, powder it down and let go. 


  1. Wow! You are amazing! I must try out these looks, they look so real :O


    1. Thank you! I'd love to see them if you're recreating it <3

  2. Amazing post dear! Have a nice day:)