DIY werewolf nails

Today I'm going to show you how to get werewolf nails for your costume easy and cheap!

Acrylic paint in white, yellow and brown
Medium to long cheap fake nails
Nail glue
Mattifying varnish or nail varnish
Small compact art brush
Big fluffier art brush

First you paint the base with white, preferably use medium to long fake nails to get a proper claw effect, I didn't have that at hand right now myself. Move on and mix yellow and white to get that eggshell color.

Now make stripes with the brown shade from the bottom to the top, this will look dirty and ridgy. Use a fluffy brush and take off almost all of the color before carefully stroking over the nail, this will make it look a lot more realistic and "pretty". Continue to layer yellow, brown and white from downwards up until you're happy with the color, try to make each a bit differently to make it look more organic. After this has dried, stipple the mattifying gloss with a cheap dense sponge over until it's completely matte, you want this to look as little painted on as you can.

Apply nail glue and stick them on, you're done!


  1. These are really cool ! Great extra to a Halloween costume :)