An introduction to the different types of fake blood

Dressing up for Halloween and need fake blood? This is my guide on the different types out there. 

Liquid thin blood
The liquid thin blood is the freshest and often most realistic blood. It can get everywhere (As blood tends to do). This is best in a medium dark shade, but not too dark as older blood gets thicker. Also perfect for clothing stain by hand or rubbed blood as it will stain, but not get sticky.

Liquid thick blood
The liquid thick blood is often a bit thinner then regular syrup and often reminds of corn syrup in consistency.This is perfect for infected wounds, older wounds, zombie looks etc. some place where the blood isn't necessarily fresh.

Thick gel blood 
The thick blood is perfect for wound fillings, similar to the scab blood but not as creamy and nasty. Works best in deep injuries like a big metal splinter in a leg or a deep knife cut and it needs to be quite dark. Stays often better then the liquid thin blood and holds it's shine.

Dust/magic blood
I don't own any of this yet, but if you spread the invisible blood on a surface like a face and then spray it with water, it looks like a blood spritz. And you can make seemingly live blood splatter scenes easily, just spray water on the actor whilst filming them and it will become visible on-cam. Works best for fresh blood.

Paste blood
A paste is good for deeper wounds, often good for people with infections and puss in their wounds. The pro of using a paste blood is that it's easily applied with a thin spatula and doesn't get everywhere so you can get clean nice wounds. 

Scab blod
The same concept as thick and paste blood, but it's more creamed and has a more orange tint to it and small clumps that resembles dried up blood and dirt.

Painted blood
Painted on with alcohol activated makeup or water based paint, can be good in a body painting, but avoid this if you're going for realism. 

Eye blood & 
Mouth blood
Fake blood that is suitable for the eyes and mouth, notice that these are two different kinds. You can even get mouth blood with a taste of mint to make it more tolerable.

Blood gel

Blood that's from a gelatin kit or silicone kit, I have one from Ben Nye sitting in my cabinet but I don't find it very realistic, you boil it up until the gelatin is heated up. 

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