The importance of keeping a planner

The most important routine for the productive person is their planner. By doing something so simple as filling in homework, tests, due dates and work shifts, you have a much better overview on your workload and can adjust after that. Do you have several homework dues the same day as a test? You will already know in advance and did them the day before.

I know myself I'm always trapped by the time clench when I don't write up everything, I work, go full time study and blog full time, it gets pretty busy sometimes, that's where my planner come in.

For bloggers, or anyone who is interested in my extreme planning, another thing I do is I write down blog posts, for months in advance. I don't have everything filled out because a lot of my ideas are makeup and I don't physically have time to do that every day, so I spread them evenly. I even got some planned for July next year.. #controlfreak


  1. Great blog post , planners are the best for keeping me organised :) A bloggers best friend :)


  2. I'm definitely big on planning. I always find myself letting things slip through the cracks if I'm not on it with planning!


  3. I love using planners/journals, they're so helpful!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky