My favorite blush and contour brushes

I realized something when I was going my archive and old posts, I don't really mention my makeup brushes too often. I did a review on my real techniques ones this summer but I can't remember besides that the last time I wrote about my brushes, and I don't really add them in the descriptions of my videos. So I'll be writing about my brushes from now on time to time for the ones interested in that.

Real techniques buffing brush from Core brush set
This is the brush I normally use for foundation after I got it and I refuse to use anything else. But it does do a marvelous job on blending and my foundation looks airbrushed when using this one. But sometimes in need of a clean non blue from face paint I've used this first for my foundation and then for my cream contour. And it does look on point. But then I do HAVE to wash it, and ain't nobody got time to deep cleanse their brushes every night. But since this is so good, I am considering getting another one to have for contour, if I can find it in a single.
I've also tested this with powder in such cases, and it applies very heavily, so I only swoop it over my face, so I don't think this is the best for powder products seeing as it's synthetic and quite compact, but I haven't tried it with powder contouring or blush yet.

Real techniques Contour brush from Core brush set
This is perfect to get that very sharp clean looking contour, and it blends like a charm. So if I were going to have just one set of brushes for my face ever it would be the core brush set. I usually use this with contour or brush as it's so thin it doesn't smear all over your face, but it work just as well with bronzer too.

Brand-less blush brush
This is also a good brush, I first thought this was eco tools but it turns out it wasn't. It got kind of kicked out by the real techniques ones, but I love it for that light layer of blush for a more realistic or sweet look. The hairs here are synthetic, but very great with powder products after all.

Bare minerals face powder brush
I love this brush with bronzer as it's quite dense, so it will blend products out, but still apply quite strong and where I want the product to be. Sorry I didn't have a picture of it, I can't find it and it's my least used of these anyways. I do have their blush brush as well, but I feel like it's fluffy and loose to create a nice application and that it would suit better as a powder brush to get a very light layer.