Art blogs worth following

I feel that art blogs get overlooked, lower rates and often I get why, surprisingly a lot of artists don't care too much for blog design and content to help their viewed, which I find myself guilty of all well from time to time, which has a huge impact on user experience. Here are some of the art blogs I've found by now that I love myself!

Pictures from Oanabefort.com

Oana Befort (Blogger)
A art/journal blog with pieces from her artwork, inspiring images, illustrated calendars and bit's of her everyday life. One of those nice feel good blogs you get inspired by looking at.

Craftaholics Anonymous (Blogger)
A pintrest similar feel over craft projects, big or small. It's a very cute site and perfect for home decoration and party DIY inspiration.

Pictures from Klairedelys.com

Klaire Delys (Youtuber & Blogger)
Out of all Lex (Madeyewlook) and Klaire are definitely my favorites out of these. Mostly due to art style, as it's generally in the aisle of art I personally like. Klaire is an amazing artist and she does quite a lot, more then I can mention here. But she does tutorial on art pieces and props, makeup looks and is an amazing photographer and editor. I can not see her channel without being very inspired and sometimes she has these solutions too looks and I think "Ah why didn't I think of that?". If you where to check out any of these, make sure to give Klaire a click!

Madeyewlook (Youtuber)
Alexys Fleming is a bodypainter on youtube, and her looks and videos are phenomenal. Easy to follow, she explains everything perfectly, she doesn't use very expensive materials and have generally very fun entertaining videos, "My boyfriend called me to tell me I was beautiful, little did he know that I was a sock monkey" a direct quote from Lex!

Powdah FX (Youtube)
A very talented SFX artist and if you're interested in that sort of art (Which I can guess you are, seeing as you're in here) I would definitely give him a click, his looks are sick!

Debbies design diary (YouTuber)
Debbie has these very beautiful design and her videos are very charming. Some of her tutorials needs an experienced DIY'er and others are simple as that but looks very hard and profesionally done.


  1. Takk for tips, skal sjekke dem ut! <3

  2. These photographs are great choices for art blog inspirations! I agree that art blogs are overlooked because when we think of blogs, or at least when I do, fashion and beauty are the main genres that come to mind. Thank you for sharing, maybe I will start to look at more art blogs now and might even try to incorporate art into my own blog a little more!

    Grace xxx

    1. P.S. Would you like to follow each other via google+? Just follow me and I will follow back.

      Thanks x

    2. Thanks, I'm glad you found yourself intrigued by art blogs, they deserve so much more credit then they get, and that you consider to add some of it to your own blog makes me super happy as an artist myself! xx