How to look more awake using makeup

Having a sick day and need to get up? Here are my tricks for looking fresh even though you're not.

Cold spoons
Cold spoons on your eyes will de-puff them, I know I get really puffed circles when I'm sick or haven't slept well so I do this trick if I need to go somewhere.
I don't personally keep spoons in my fridge at all times, but if I know I am having a cold and need to get out in the morning I'll pop some in the fridge the night before.
Sometimes you're sick and don't know it until the morning, sometimes you have a bad night or cry, and I've found keeping two spoons in the fridge whilst taking a hot shower make them cold enough.

Concealer (Green, yellow and high coverage)
Our faces often get red or very pale when we're tired. If you'r face is red, add a bit more green concealer then usual to tone down the red, but if you're not red skip the step to avoid looking sick.
If you have dark circles, use a salmon or yellow color on your dark circles to hide them, find out what's the right match for you here . And use a high coverage concealer over this and blend it in. You don't want too much on your face, here I only added some foundation on the areas without concealer and blended my concealer in.

If you use a highlighter that's liquid or cream it will give you the healthy glow your skin lacks when you're tired. Apply to the tip of the nose, the cheekbones, the inner corner of the eyes and the cupid bow.Be a bit careful, you don't want it to look like a highlighter. I will recommend MAC color cream in "Luna", as it looks like a natural glow.

Make your eyes pop 
Apply a soft layer of white eyeliner or a light flesh colored eyeliner to your waterline to take away any redness, consider to tight line your upper lash line, curl your lashes and apply mascara. For eyeshadow, just go for a wash of shimmery champagne, this will brighten your eyes without enhancing any redness.

Use a wash of sheer red lipstick/lipgloss
Our lips are usually a more salmon/reddish color then pink, when you're pale or sick our lips tend to loose more color, so adding a wash will make them look natural and fresh, a look we're cheating ;)

And that wraps it up, these are my tips on how to look more awake using makeup/beauty tricks on a bad day.


  1. I never knew the trick about a cold spoon! Thanks for sharing this was a really interesting read <3


    1. Thank you, glad you learned something new <3