H&M's new makeup collection, eyeliner wear-test

H&M has come out with a new cosmetic line, I heard a lot of good words about it, therefore I picked one when I was in H&M to get a top. I ran a few of the metallic eyeliners over my wrist and picked up the shade Grand Cru, and wanted to wear test it for you.

The color
The color is truly gorgeous and quite unique I would say. And a lot of shades in their range are, so I was actually hoping this test turned out great. It's a cold gold color, so it's not quite silver, but not quite gold either which I love.

Wearing time and condition
I put this trough the fire test and I wore it without primer or eyeshadow on my lid and inner corner and it was 30 C outside and very humid. The wearing time was from 6.45 am to 3.41 pm, approximately 9 hours. You can see this is slightly smudged and the inner corner highlight has disappeared, but I think the staining power resembles most high-end liners taken in consideration I sweated like a pig..

After 9 hours

I think this is actually an amazing eyeliner and I am very impressed with it, and I didn't have much expectations of this as H&M hasn't been great with their makeup line in the past. Personally I will pick up the ones I like of this line since it's affordable, and we all love to save some cash!


  1. Dang, I'm pretty impressed too. I've never purchased makeup from H&M. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. I did back when I was thirteen and unknowing, not something to be impressed by before, but then again, we all pretty much looked like a mess as thirteen..

  2. Omg this eyeliner is so gorgeous, such a unique colour! I didn't even have a clue that H&M even sold makeup so I definitely am going to pop into my local store and have a look!

    Love, Hannah

    1. Yeah, and it's only like 3 bucks or something!