Eldora lashes haul

Eldora offers some of the best and most beautiful lashes in the world, and it's hard not to find a match. I picked up quite a lot of them when I was at IMATS this year, so this is my little lashes haul!

For regular lashes I got,

I got a pair of these wispy lashes which I think is so beautiful and I am already sure I'll order some more pairs in the near future, I saw it in a Klaire De Lys tutorial for the seven deadly sins sloth and I've loved wispy lashes ever since. And the other two are just one pair long lashes and a pair of fuller long lashes which are very beautiful applied.

For creative and dramatic lashes I got,

I got a pair of these dramatic lashes that reminds me of royals, and I really want to wear them in a queen of hearts makeup look. And the crazy feather pair will be perfect for a bird fantasy look or a dark creature look, and I am so looking forward to using them! The last ones  you've already seen in my anime eyes tutorial , and I think I need to cut them a bit next time I wear them as they are quite massive.

The eyelash glue that came with them was per now okay I'll test it more before I get a proper opinion about it. 


  1. omg those lashes are stunning! I love the feathery ones for a really dramatic look.


    1. Right?! I love eldora's lashes, they're so pretty and unique!