Packing for London

I'm going to IMATS London this year and me and my dads family decided to make it a family trip! So I'll be heading to London to be there in five days, including both of the IMATS days. Only me and my dad will enter IMATS, because of the age restriction, but honestly I think the girls (My dads girlfriends daughters) would be super bored as they're not all that into makeup yet. Maybe I'll take them with me in a couple of years when the interest is bigger ;)

I have written a packing city break guide which will come out soon, either during my stay or right after, so there will be a couple of travel related posts up now!

This is the entire collection of makeup I'll be bringing besides concealer, so I'm packing lightly! 

Are you going to IMATS this year? And where will you spend your vacation this year?


  1. Awesome! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  2. Great blog post , you'll love it ! I have been twice and even booked of work for it this year but cannot sadly go now . Make up addicts heaven ! Im actually written a blog post about it at the moment about my experinces etc . I recommend getting the early because a lot of the cult favourite make up products tend to sale out . Enjoy your trip, London is beautiful :)


    1. Thank you! Yes I plan getting there at least 30 minutes before it opens! Luckily I've already bought tickets prehand as reccomended on the site, so hopefully I'll sail in!