Summer bliss

One thing I love about summer is that you get all the time in the world, and I've spent the last day reading, celebrating moms birthday, drinking coffee and tea and just catching up on blogs. I haven't spent much time doing makeup, anything other then a little brow, mascara and my extensions. I do feel a lot more confident with my long hair and I don't mind my dark circles and tired face as long as I got my hair-do..

I'm currently digging into Anna Karenina, but it's quite a long book. I am taking this on vacation to our cabin, but I am going to leave it at home for London because I need the weight of this in shopping ;) So unless I finish the thousand pages in 15 days I need to swap between two books and I hate that. I always mix up the plots and such, so it was a bad choice starting this right before summer.. Ups! 

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