Hair care Moroccanoil hydrating shampoo and conditioner review

I've nearly used up my two bottles from Moroccanoil, I've used them in 6 months before they emptied (Note the conditioner isn't completely empty as the shampoo due to using deep-conditioner). 
As mentioned I did combine them with a deep conditioner, this was also Moroccanoil the regular intense hydrating one. See my review on that here.


It cleaned the hair thoroughly without stripping it which is a good thing. If you tend to leave the hair unwashed for a couple of days extra to for example let the natural oils work through the hair, you might need to wash twice or three times. On that note, an important rule we learn in hairdressing is to shampoo twice. This is because round 1 cleans out products residue and dirt, whilst wash number two cleanse the hair. Rule number two, it's clean when it foams. 

Softness, smell & haircare

The hair definitely feels soft, but I also always use moisturising shampoo and conditioners due to my curls. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. If you struggle with frizzy coarse hair that lifts up of almost anything this won't be right for you.
Now the smell on the other hand, it does smell amazing and compliments the hairoil perfectly. If you use these products together you'll definitely smell like summer.
Hair care wise I don't think this was out of the ordinary. It didn't do wonders to my hair, it was just like any moisturising shampoo and conditioner. It will probably work good for you if you have thinner only slightly dry hair, but for thick natural dry hair types I wouldn't turn to this first. 


The price range is just around pretty much every other hair salon products. This is a good combo if you're used to using store bought hair products but it's nothing out of the ordinary in more professional products. 

My rating is 3/5, it's not bad just not as good as expected. Works well for slightly damaged hairs, but bad for natural dry thick hair.

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