The superhero of grandma goals!

I've been hesetating to start blogging again after "russetia" in which I made clear in a previous post that I wouln't be active in. But the truth is that this isn't caused by the lack of joy to blog, it is because I had set myself a goal that my blog would be a place to be inspired, facinated, to learn from and well interesting. But I read a blogpost today of another norwegian blogger where she attacked the subject and that bloggers don't have writing blocks, they have blogging blocks. You can't keep up every single day with several hour edited posts and your work (art) will be pushed and not as good as you want it. 
So I decided to take a little bit of a turn, the posts will be the same, but with more "not perfect" posts where you get to see more of my personality! This will give me time to make even better art projects and inspiring posts :) 

Anyhow today has just been mental, if there is anyone here that has read my blog for a while you've probably picked up that I got an injury in my hips.
They're misplaced and with that I also have the pain of chronical tendonitis in my hip mucle. And working as a washer and being in hairdressing school isn't a very good match with that. Don't worry I'm changing school path in less then a month, but in the meantime I need to handle this. So i cut hair standing without breaks in 3 hours, have one break, dye my hair (woho!) get home for a few hours and then washing floors, I'm so proud that I actually did it without needing to strech out or mini massage my hips. I swear me and the grandmas in the world have the same everyday goals!
At least it shows that the physiotherapy is working.. 

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