New in: Special effects

When I was in Oslo, of course I visited VISAGE. I was supposed to buy a plastic mannequin head to start trying prosthetics. It does say on their site they have it (You need to order by mail or in the store), but it turned out it was special ordered some time ago. So the nice lady ordered one for me as well and Tiril will pick it up and bring it once she's in Trondheim or somebody from here pays her a visit. 
And then I figured, I had the money to stock up on some supplies. Firstly, I told you about the karma incident a couple of days ago with my scar effects gel. They didn't have it in in 59 ml, but they did have flesh effect. Which is the same thing, only more opaque, so I picked up some of this.

And I got to try another colour wheel from Ben Nye, they actually had sale on two special effects things (This and another wheel with 4 colours). It was put down from 149 NOK to 49 NOK so I had to pick it up!

And my most expensive buy, most boring and most neccesary buy would be my black face paint pot. My goal is to have one in each colour. The big pots doesn't run out so quickly and this is my favourite black face paint so far. And I concidered adding white as well, but I settled for one big pot this time since I still have left of my white Kryolan pot 200 ml.

I'm going to be stuck with homework the rest of tonight so see you tomorrow!

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