Trend alarm: How to do fringes

This year fringes are very trendy, but what suits you?
A fringe can be an easy fix non-committing way of changing up your looks without cutting your locks of completely.

Full fringe 

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 This fringe gives you and edgy feel to your look, it draws lots of attention to your eyes. 

A side fringe 

A side fringe also draws attention to your eyes, but also to the unveiled side, but it hides the side you want to hide. It makes your cheekbones more defined and it also add an asymmetric edge so it can look very good with oval and heart shaped faces. 

A blunt fringe 

This will be a great alternative to a softer or a more romantic look, but this hides the forehead more then the side swept fringe. 

Alternative fringe

The V shaped is for the alternative chicks out there that wants to stand out from the crowd. 

Effortless fringe 

This is the fringe that is not really a fringe, but still a fringe and frames your face. It can be a growing out phase, between cuts or just meant that way.
Either way, it's a good option because it can really look good.

Oval faces

Oval faces can suit about any fringe. This is more about what you like, but side swept fringes tends to look good on this faceshape. 

Heart/triangle/diamond face shapes

The effortless fringe is a great option here, the blunt fringe also looks great with heart shaped faces. Just don't go for the full fringe because it will make your chin look really pointy and your jaw area small, especially for the heart shapes with oval tendencies, if you have more rectangle shape you can handle a bit more volume.  

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Round face shapes

Avoid too thick full fringes, because this will make your face even rounder. If you have a round face and you want to get fringes remember that makeup and hair is all about enhancing your natural beauty and creating an illusion, the side swept fringes gives length and definition, and it adds to your cheekbones. 

Square face/inverted triangle

 Just as with the round faces, a fringe for a square face can often be overwhelming. The blunt fringe and the effortless fringe looks best with this face shape as it soften out harsh edges. 

Oblong/rectangle faceshapes

If you have a long face, the straight full fringe will look stunning. The fringe brings attention to your eyes and balances out the long face shape. 

Now lastly, rules are made to be broken and this guide is only how to achive the "ideal" face shapes and what you can go for safely and knowing you'll look like a queen!


  1. Venninnen min fikk pannelugg igår - hun ble jo en helt annen person, haha :O <3

    1. Haha, jepp det er sånn! Har hatt pannelugg i 5 år nå og føler meg naken uten! ^^<3