Mini haul for weirdo's

So I'm not saying I'm weird, but yes. This is probably not interesting for any of you, but I've been busy all day so I'll share it anyway. I didn't buy the book now btw, but the paint and the clay is bought for sculpting, soo. 
Anyway, it's been a nice day althogh I'm too lazy now to take a decent picture and rise up to get some food. I started school quite early at 8.15, but it ended 13.45, so I sat on Starbucks until 15.30 waiting for dad, and meanwhile I read 10 pages of this book, delivered an assignment and wrote a blog post! So quite an effective time, for once.
The post will by the way be about brows(!) and up tomorrow, I want to take clear nice lighted pictures as much as I can. At least on the more worked through posts, and when school gets stressful I always prior sfx for blogging, basically because this blog is to promote my work and a hobby.. But tomorrow I have the day of, so I'll sleep in, start on my sculpture, read this book, take pictures and hopefully start on a online photography lesson.

It was just a bit of rambling today, see you tomorrow! 


  1. What do you think of that book , being debating to buy it on amazon for ages :) Is it very informative ?


  2. I do think it's great at some points and goed very in detail, not a book I regret buying, but it can be a bit difficult to understand.
    Read my full review of the book later, I can notify you when it's up😊