Package from Visage!

I finally made the step to order from the store Visage in Oslo! I do have Tiril who can help me, and I will still ask her sometimes to avoid shipping fees. But I do want to be able to order larger packages with foam latex and stuff, and I don't want to bother her with that. And therefore I needed to test order from them, plus I needed latex and it was cheapest to order a litre. 

The products

Kryolan Liquid latex 1 gallon

I do still have some Mehron liquid latex left, but am soon empty and I'd heard Kryolan was great for moulds. And since I am still in beginner stage of moulding, I feel like I should be secure on the technique before I move on to more professional and expensive products.
And I ordered the next largest bottle, 1 gallon. The biggest is 5 gallons. Price at 270 NOK 

Spiritgum remover 29 ml

I was empty of my spiritgum remover and I didn't have any remover that was strong enough to properly remove it, so I needed a refill. I originally ordered 59 ml, but they where out of it. The store was super nice about it and offered me to change to two 29 ml, but I am planning on going to Oslo soon I just ordered the 29 ml. Price at 35 NOK

Ben Nye scar effects gel 29 ml

I was also ordering this in 59 ml, but they didn't have it in. So I could order the set with blood effects gel, scar and flesh effect gel (Which I already have in 59 ml), or the 29 ml in just scar. I wanted to test if I liked it first, so I could rather buy the set after I finished this bottle.
Price at 80 NOK


As earlier said they didn't have everything in, but were super helpful. The package came about two-four days after I ordered it, so it was quite fast since I didn't order express and it was shipped on a Thursday. 


The package has a bill that comes in the mail after the package is delivered. 

Now I am all ready to go to bed and are going to work tomorrow morning, so I am going to sleep right after posting this!

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