My essential makeup products for perfect skin makeup

Sorry  I only have this one crap photo, the internet connection is as good as dead so I used 30 minutes on my 3G to just upload this one.
Now for the perfect base makeup, notice I'm not saying essential, since some of these products are heavier and some people only like to contour etc. when partying and stuff.


Now I haven't been the biggest user of primer since I have quite clear easy to work with skin. But when I want a super smooth base I always use a base. Since I am loving primer more and more I'm planning to get the smashbox colour correcting one when I have used this tube up. 

Bare minerals prime time


To get a good foundation for your skin type is crucial for a good makeup. Since your skin obviously is the biggest part of your face you need to make sure you have the right for you.
For dryer skin - Moisturising/dewier foundation to give life to your face
For normal skin - whatever suits your style and wearing
For fat skin - Avoid oily fondations and safe it by using mattes.

I am doing a larger post about choosing right foundation so that is all I'll say for now, if you have any further questions, please comment below and I will answer you. 

Maybelline fit me foundation


To hide any dark circles, blemishes and other imperfections. I prefer to add concealer after foundation depending on what look I'm going for. For example if I am having very bad circles and add in salmon colour I will add foundation after concealer

Makeupforever cover all concealer

Contouring and highlighting

Now you can add in contouring and highlighting. If you are working with powders, contour after powder to create a smooth easy to blend surface and if you're working with crème like I prefer it's a plus to add in before powder to make it blend with the foundation.
I usually build up, starting with highlighting, then adding in shadows with the lightest contour shade to create a realistic transition. Lastly I add in the darkest contour shade I want to use and only add where I want it to look most sunken in like cheekbones. This will add realism. 

Kryolan old age wheel


Now you can powder every thing in place and make it last all day. Important not to miss this, because even if your face isn't oily this is what locks the foundation and other crème products in. 
Add most powder under your eyes, your nose area and forehead as this is the most oily areas in your face.

Ben Nye Translucent powder


If you're adding bronzer, now you can add this OVER YOUR CONTOURING. Do not add bronzer in anything besides the sides of your face. Anything else doesn't tan you, it makes you look dirty. Muddy kind of dirty. 
If you add bronzer to your contouring that isn't too orange, but more golden it will add a natural tan/glow and make you look like you've been on the beach. 


Lastly, since we've been removing any colour change in the face this is the last step. Add some blush to bring some life into your face again.
Unless you're wearing crème blush you should add blush after contouring and powder. If you don't powder first the blush doesn't blend properly and makes you look exhausted. And if you're adding it to your contour you have more control over the darkness in your face and how much you want to add. 

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