February favourites 2015

The orchid house by Lucinda Riley

I've been obsessing over this book on my blog this entire month, so if you're curious about this book, check out my review here. 
I couldn't put it down when I started reading it and it took a huge chunk of my winter break. 

Fast shampoo and condtioner

I finally got proper results from the Fast shampoo and conditoner, I needed to take a break due to dryness but I'm soon back on track.
Review here

Ben nye Scar effects gel

This probably only interest very few of you, but I love my new Ben Nye Scar effects gel I got from Visage. It's so easy to create burns with and I started to get a hang of it for wounds. I haven't actually tried it for scars yet, but I'll try it soon!

Ahava all in one toning cleanser

I've been loving this. It's perfect, approved for sensitive skin, allergy friendly. and a multi-use product. Plus it smells amazing, it pretty much smells like how I image the dead ocean and spa.
I love it because it's eye and face suitable, pore minimizing and for someone who doesn't have a lot of skin problems a simple solution to minimize night routines.  

70's style coat

I got myself two new coats for spring, one of which is more blazer type, but so long it's still a coat.
I was supposed to take an outfit shot with this, but I am currently allergy testing and my back looks like a robot, so to keep it from lifting to a minimum it's taped down and I got told to sit down and watch TV, haha. 
Coat from Only, size 34


  1. That coat is fabulous! I have a blazer in the same colour and it is a firm favourite of mine, very pretty!

    Laura from www.whatlauralovesuk.com xxx

  2. Neimen der har vi jo de like kåpene våre, hehe :D Herlig med slike oppsummeringer, man får masse tips til produkter man selv kan prøve <3