Shot in the head

It's been some time since I practised bullet wounds and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I decided to give it a try to see how it went when I was figuring out what to do with my blog post today. And I haven't made much special effects in christmas. Plus I feel the need to practice special effects makeup you tend to see in crime series, basically because in the future you want to bee good at the things a lot of people need. And let's face it, shooting is a cliché in crime, but that is exactly why you need to know it good, it is being done a lot, therefore needed. 
 The hardest part was actually to make the bruising realistic and not too old. Because I used the gel blood, which looks like it's fresh and not even slightly dried, and with an old bruise it would create a mismatch. 

To try making myself look more dead I hollowed out my face, slightly coloured my lips lighter and added in fake dark circles/red eyes from crying. I guess such a perfect shot in the middle would have been personal if it was an actual case, at least the victim would have seen the gun and then most likely have cried their eyes out. Causing dark circles, puffed eyes and irritated eyes. 

Did you think it looked realistic? It certainly look more realistic then my previous bullet wound, but I am thinking about using dark liquid blood next time instead of mixing thick blood and gel blood. 
The gel blood is still a bit too light .. 

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  1. Ser hva du mener med at den kanskje var litt for lys, men syntes det så ganske realistisk ut :D