My working space

Christmas is all packed and I have cleaned/decorating my room again. Since I got some cute things from friends this year I changed up my usual desk board.
The mirror is removed whenever I need to get to the shelves beneath or need to get the plate up because it's too big for my desktop, but this is how it usually looks now. I am going to add in some changes to it, maybe some fake pink roses even. But for now this is how it looks.
I ended up using an old candle jar for all my brushes, so practical to have them sitting there with my mirror!

And this is the bookshelf that's currently over my bed, but I'm considering to move it over my desk. Of course the book I'm currently reading "A wise mans fear" is taken out, so I'm not a 100 percent sure it will fit.

And this is the other top part of my shelf. I changed the red mask and put it in my windowsill next to the green. I think it made the colours on the desk match together better, more settled romantic colours!

Okay, that is pretty much what I've been doing today, organizing and cleaning. Plus watching dexter, since I'm all caught up and it's something I don't need to look at 100 percent of the show, I can easily understand the talking without looking.  And I went to finally see the hobbit 3 yesterday, the battle of five armies, so look out for middle earth inspired projects!

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