What is your perfect eyeshadow colour?

Today I'm going to show the right colour for you. The pastel is perfect to match with your everyday makeup to bring out your eye colour and more deep jewel tones are really good for parties.
But remember, makeup is supposed to be fun! If you want to match colours that doesn't bring out your eyes, do it! It can make a beautiful tone-in tone look!

Blue eyes 

At first we have to take a look at the colour wheel, if you have blue eyes you should be picking colours that weight against red. Colours like gold, orange, pink, champagne, brown and peach are all examples of shadows that brings out the blue. I know that blue pastel tones is gorgeous, but if you want your blue eyes to stand out, hands off! If you use blue your eyes often go tone on tone and the blue "disappears".

After finding the right colour, you have to decide if you're just going for that base colour or if you're adding in more to define the crease. For a bold look, deepen the crease with black, or a light champagne with super deep matte brown. For a softer look, use tones that doesn't create too much contrast and lighter shades.

Green eyes

If you have green eyes you should be picking colours that weight against purple, colours like burgundy, plum, lavender and pink.
This is because the green eyes aren't really green, they are a mixture of colours with specifically a lot yellow in them. The blue, yellow and brown combined creates green (Yellow + blue = green). which means if you want to make them stand out more as green compliment the yellow. The yellow is on the opposite side of purple. And another tips is, greens complimentary tone is red, so combining red and purple will further bring the colour out.
Use a light shimmery lavender over the whole lid and contour the outer V shape with a matte (Little bit darker) burgundy colour for the ultimate eyeshadow to compliment green and yellow tones.

Brown eyes

If you have brown eyes, you can use anything you want! Because brown can be matched with all colours and it will always stand out. So in the pastel, if you want your brown eyes to pop, pick any colour!  Plain brown will only deepen, not bring the colour forward.
The reason is that brown is a mixture of all colours, so any colour brings it out.