My progression 2014 sfx (Cuts, bruises)

I wasn't sure how much I have progressed in one year, and since 2014 is nearly over I wanted to see and show my improvement and how much hard work can do for you!
I can see massive changes in my work and can't wait to do this next year to see then.

Made in February 2014, my first real cut/bruise work. 

I think bruises are kinda "my thang", I still actually this is good enough for a reference, far from my best, but still :-) This is from the same day as the picture above this. 

Around the beginning of March.

In April

In April

Late September

This was either before or after my trip to Oslo, but October.

In my trip to Oslo, meaning mid-October 

Around halloween 2014.

October 2014

November 2014

November 2014

Both of these two are December 2014!

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